Resource list courtesy of Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, Lausanne Occasional Paper (LOP) No. 59


M = Mobilization
N = Networking / Connecting
R = Resource Site
B = Have Businesses or Projects
T = Offers Training
S = Offers Services (other than educational)
MM = Marketplace /Workplace Ministry Site
MED = Christian Micro Economic Development Site

Advancing Churches in Missions Commitment - Business as Mission - M / N / T

ACMC - Business as Mission provides training and resources to equip mission pastors with the Biblical understanding that business people have a calling to their workplace both locally and globally. ACMC - Business as Mission will work with mission committees and mission pastors to establish BAM programs in the local church.

Bridge Builders International - M / N / B

A core ministry of BBI is Economic Development projects in the Baltic region.

Business as Mission Resource Centre - Youth With A Mission - N / R

Collection of resources for all those interested in Business as Mission. Home to comprehensive lists of books, articles, web links and toolboxes. Also contains Guidelines for YWAM staff for business projects. A regularly updated copy of this paper and resource directory will be available at this site.

Business Professional Network - M / N / B

Seeks ways to encourage and support others in the task of "missions through business." Connects western world business resources with needs and opportunities in the developing world. See also BPN AG.

Centre for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development - T / R

CEED has resources for people who have a call to disciple nations through the sphere of business. CEED offers 'Frontier Business Creation' seminars.

Christian Transformation Resource Centre - N / R / S / MED

Comprehensive resources for equipping Christians in the strategy of Christian micro enterprise development. Lists of organizations, networks, articles and resources.

Christian Missionary Fellowship International - M / B

Uses business development as a missions strategy.

EC Institute - M / N / T / R / S

EC Institute seeks to educate, equip, mobilise and connect Christian business owners, professionals and business/engineering students for business as mission. EC Institute does this through written resources, vision trips, training programs, conferences/ seminars/ workshops, internships and semester programs.

Ethnic International / Ethnic US - M / N / B / T

Ethnic International and Ethnic US exist to assist in economic development in emerging nations through the creation of businesses. They offer training with a special focus on French speaking countries. (Contact: etienneatger @; xavier.molinari @ or wmcgee @

Equip - M / T / S

They equip believers to transform societies, primarily by working with mid-market companies. Equip offers opportunities to become involved, including training, to go on consultancy trips.

Evangelistic Commerce - N / B

Evangelistic Commerce works at bridging the gap between business and mission by using commerce to establish value added, large scale businesses that are blessing an economy through wealth creation, thereby creating a sustainable witness for Christ.

Fellowship of Companies for Christ International - Christ@Work - N / R / MM

Christ@work equips and encourages company leaders to operate their businesses and conduct their personal lives according to biblical principles.

Global Disciples Network - Creative Access Associates - N / M / R

Brings together churches, mission agencies, businesses and concerned individuals to find ways for Christians to access restricted areas using economic development opportunities. Categorised list of weblinks to country, people group and mission research information.

Global Hand - S / N

Redistributes goods that are no longer needed by their original owners. Hold inventory list of equipment that may be of benefit to those starting businesses to save capital.

Global Opportunities - N / M / T / R

Helping Tentmakers disciple the Nations. GO has free Tentmakers Training and Articles available on it's site, plus tentmaking stories, news, events and other resources.

IMPACT Center - M / N / T

IMPACT Center has a vision for mobilising business people - by networking with the global body of Christ and helping people to bring societal change in the nations. Yearly business seminar, with teaching and opportunities for trips.

Integra Venture - B / S / MED

Integra is a Central and Eastern European co-operative initiative which helps grow small businesses. They help local entrepreneurs succeed, enabling them to become agents of community transformation.

Intent - N / R / MM / S

Intent's vision is to network kingdom professionals for global impact. Resources for kingdom professionals serving at tentmakers. List of links to organizations and tentmaking opportunities.

International Christian Chamber of Commerce - N / T

The vision of ICCC calls for a world-wide network of committed businesspeople in contact with each other, exchanging ideas, products and services; and thereby, proclaiming the rightful authority of Christ to the world at large.

International Coalition of Workplace Ministries - R / T / N / S / MM

ICWM is a network of workplace ministries with one common goal - to transform the workplace for Christ. Comprehensive directory of organizations, events, articles and publications related to integrating faith in the marketplace.

InterVarsity Ministry in Daily Life - R / MM

IVMDL Resource Group exists to help the church recover the biblical truth that God calls all Christians to minister daily in the places they live and work. Contains directories, bible studies, book lists, articles, casestudies.

Jubilee Action - N / B

Jubilee Action's work includes the Business Partnerships concept - Jubilee Action is re-defining how charities tackle poverty by using effective business partnerships with local people, to develop significant commercial ventures that will transform poor communities.

Kenya Investment Trust - N / S

KIT seeks to reduce poverty among Kenyans through access to business credit, provision of business training, counselling, mentoring, lobbying and advocacy for an enabling environment and facilitating networking of local and international businesses guided by the principles of Jesus Christ. (Contact: kit @

Leaders GIFTS - T

Leaders GIFTS produces specialised media training resources for leadership development and services in all spheres of society.

Marketplace Leaders - R / S / MM

Marketplace Leader's purpose is to help men and women fulfill their God-given calling in and through their work life. They offer teaching, equipping services and resources.

Marketplace Ministries Worldwide - M / B / MM

The central mission of Marketplace Ministries Worldwide is to help businesses to sustain ministries that meet physical as well as spiritual needs and demonstrate God's love for the world.

Mennonite Economic Development Associates - B / M / S / MED

MEDA is an association of Christians in business and the professions committed to addressing human needs around the world through business-oriented economic development programs, and to applying biblical teachings in the marketplace.

OPEN Networkers - N / T / S / R

OPEN exists to upgrade, serve and facilitate tentmakers who are currently on the field working among the least reached peoples of the world. OPEN provides a network for servicing and coaching tentmakers through relationships built on trust.

Partners Worldwide - M / B / N / T

Partners Worldwide encourages and equips Christian business people to help the poor and each other in partnerships. List of opportunities to get involved. (Formerly Partners for Christian Development).

Scruples - MM / N / R

Online marketplace community with numerous discussion forums and resources, including business as mission.

Strategic Christian Services - T / N

Strategic Christian Services seeks to educate, train, and work with people who want to see transformation take place. They offer correspondence schools, seminars, educational products, and consulting services to churches, businesses, and governments.

Tentmakernet - N / R / M / S

Network of tentmaker mobilisers supporting national representatives. Tentmakernet has resources, articles, details of events and a links list of most Tentmaking organizations.

Tentmakers International Exchange - N / M / T

TIE's aim is to be a service organization for tentmakers, they mobilise, train and support Christians to use their vocations in ministry. They send a monthly email-newsletter.

Transformational Business Network - M / N / B / S

TBN is for those with a heart for using their business skills for God's Kingdom - to bring spiritual and physical transformation where it is most needed. They offer short Exposure Trips on the field to link-up with projects. Annual impact conference.

Turkey Business Network - M / N / B / MM

Christian business network in Turkey. (Contact: trbiz7 @

Uganda Bizzionary Network - M / N / S

Connecting kingdom minded business people in Uganda. (Contact: ikasana @

World Partners - B / S

World Partners supports local initiatives in developing countries through entrepreneurial ventures with a Christian element. Assists national entrepreneurs who have a workable business plan with mentoring and capital.


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